Community is Where Ability Grows

Although there are quality programs and supports in nearby Portland and surrounding areas, it is our families' desire to be integrated and supported in the local community in which our young adults with disabilities live, work, have friends, and family. Our local area of Lake Oswego and West Linn currently has no full time day program for young adults with a disability to get the support they need to enjoy work, life, and social connections.

Oregon is a work first state which we applaud, but to some individuals work only means 1-2 hours a day or less. This creates a gap for families, leaving several hours a day individuals with a disability need support in all aspects of life. Most families that are supporting an individual with a intellectual disability have a multitude of other obligations such as work, support of multiple family members, and all other aspects of running a home and family life. Daily life while supporting an individual with a disability is challenging to coordinate and traveling much distance in order to participate in activities of work, recreation,fitness, shopping, appointments, etc. creates stress and non participation. This is why we believe localized programs are integral to our communities, families, and well being.

We currently have six to ten families regularly involved and as many as twenty others participate in various Out and About social outings of getting together in our local community.

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