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WAG-Able was founded to provide young adults living with a disability independent life skills that address the whole person, facilitate job proficiencies that are transferable to other work opportunities, and encourage respectful social interactions within the community.


For individuals living with a disability to discover their full potential, resulting in confident and productive members of society and for our local community to embrace all individuals.


Life skills: equipping individuals with greater independence 
Community integration: meaningful and purposeful interactions
Vocational training: transferable skills

Our Story

The reality for many individuals living with a disability is limited opportunities for work and purposeful activities to fill each day.  Work may mean only a few hours per week, leaving several hours per day where individuals desire support and meaningful engagement. In 2017 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported only18.7 percent of persons with a disability were employed and 30% of those that are employed work part time or significantly less, often times only a few hours per week.  

Co-founders Tammy Pebley and Paula Schiedler desired a local program that meets the needs of young adults living with developmental disabilities when their girls Hannah and Megan, who have Down Syndrome, graduated from high school in 2017 and began the journey into adulthood.  They wanted opportunities for their girls and friends to be fully integrated into their own community with meaningful work and social engagement. Localized programs are integral to communities and the well being of individuals living with a disability to live full meaningful lives just like everyone else. 

In January 2018 their vision became reality and the nonprofit WAG-Able was formed.  WAG stands for Where Ability Grows and is a nonprofit 501C3 organization that focuses on training individuals with transferable job skills, life skill development, and social integration in order to address the needs of the whole person within the local community in which they live.  Where Ability Grows provides opportunities for individuals to experience whole, meaningful lives within their own community by providing structure, support, and opportunity.

Interns Sarah and Daniel interacting wit
Interns enjoy interacting with our commu
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