Interns in action

WAG-Able: Where Ability Grows training proficiencies focus on developing and mastering skills that are transferable to a variety of work and every day life situations including the following skills:

Time and Money Management, Following Directions and Procedures, Effective Communication, Task Completion and Mastery, Planning, Focus, Self-Control, Awareness, and Flexibility

  • Megan

    Megan graduated from Lake Oswego High in 2017. She is currently attending CTP (Community Transition Program).


    Loves: swimming, hiking and rowing. In her free time, she loves concerts, plays and Beaver baseball games.


    Fun fact: Megan achieved her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and has the goal to become a second degree.  

  • Hannah

    Hannah graduated from Lake Oswego High in 2017 and is currently attending CTP (Community Transition Program).  


    Loves: swimming, playing tennis, singing, dancing, playing wii, going to movies, going to Young Life Capernaum youth group, and hiking with her friends and family.  


    Fun fact: Hannah also loves to travel and has visited and lived in many states.

  • Emma

    Emma graduated from West Linn High in 2017. She is attending a transition program in Wilsonville now.  


    Loves: Playing piano and staying active in sports such as basketball, swimming, tennis, cheering with ODT Inspire, and going to Young Life Capernaum youth group. In her free time she loves to sing karaoke, go to dances and concerts, listen to music, and hang out with her family and friends.

    Fun fact: Was homecoming Queen her senior year.

  • Sarah

    Sarah is a recent graduate of Lake Oswego Community Transition Program. She works part time at Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn in Newberg and is also an Intern for WAG-Able dog biscuits.


    Loves: Spending time with her adoring family and her big dog Wilson, being active, spending quality time with her friends and making a difference in her community! As her Mom, I am so proud of all of her accomplishments and look forward to watching her realize her dreams!

    Fun fact: enjoys participating in Young Life Capernaum youth group,  performing with Oregon Dream Cheer Team Inspire, singing with Voices Unlimited and attending PHAME Academy.

  • Daniel

    Daniel is a 2019 graduate of the Portland Community College Culinary Assistant Program. Since graduation, Daniel has worked part-time in the dining room of a local retirement center.

    Loves: Basketball, tennis, and golf. He is on a special needs cheer/dance team, a singing/acting group and youth group. In his free time, Daniel enjoys hiking, traveling, bowling, movies, visiting with friends, dances, and time with his sisters and brother-in-laws

    Fun fac

  • Kelsey

    Kelsey graduated Wilsonville High School in 2015 and completed her transitional program in May 2018.


    Loves: to work the garden at the CREST Farm. No thistle is safe!  Kelsey is active in LO fit thru DSNO, Special Olympics, Capernaum and everything regarding Egyptian history. She also loves to dance.


    Fun fact: She loves attending the Capernaum Prom and Tim Tebo Night to Shine dances.

  • Kylie

    Our wonderful volunteer is the older sister to a younger member of our DSNO family.  


    Aside from her dedication to school and her family, Kylie stays busy performing in a number of plays, speed jump ropes competitively, and always has energy to volunteer with our group.



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